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About Us

Founded in 2000, All About Travel is the result of the desire of it's founder Darren Wilson to help those clients who entrusted him with their travel arrangements create and have the best possible travel experience available for their budget. After working in the industry for 10+ years as a full time consultant and gaining extensive world travel experience, Darren realized he could utilize this to help the traveling public narrow down the multitude of choices available to them to get a trip that was the 'perfect fit.'

Today, All About Travel has become a premier travel planning partner to clients world wide. We have done travel for celebrities.


We have done group travel for Jeffersontown High School Band, Choir and Orchestra, Sacred Heart Choir, Assumption Cheerleading Squad, Henry County Schools, Presbyterian Church USA and The Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. We have done countless family travel packages. We also do individual travel as well. We meet the needs of our clients and offer a valuable service by having access to a multitude of travel vendors and being able to access instant complete inventory of vendors to find the most up to day fares and rates in this constantly dynamic industry. We can take that information and package it to contain all the aspects needed to make a clients travel smooth and worry free while also ensuring the best travel values available.

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