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Frequently Asked Questions

- What does a travel agency do?

- Why should I use a travel agent / agency when I can book my trip myself?

- Does it cost additional to use the services of a travel agent?

- If you’re paid by the vendors, how can I be certain you’re not selling me the trips that make you the most money and not be the best deal for me?

As stated previously, the goal in founding this company was to be a non biased advocate for our clients. We remain true to that statement today. Our business has been built on customer loyalty and "word of mouth" recommendations. Our customers are our greatest asset and we're working for them. We do work with preferred vendors that are generally able to offer the lowest cost travel due to their large volume buying power with the various destinations, but also will use all available resources to verify there isn't a non preferred supplier that is a better value all other things being equal.

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- If I book a trip through you and I have a problem what happens?

- What are the steps to booking a trip with an agent?

- What if I want to be contacted with specials and offers?


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