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Frequently Asked Questions

- What does a travel agency do?

- Why should I use a travel agent / agency when I can book my trip myself?

Our goal is to offer personal customer service and our travel destination expertise at no additional cost to the client. We have years of experience in 'siphoning' through all the multitudes of travel options available to get the best value for the client. You have your own free personal travel consultant there to serve and support you through all stages of your travel experience. The travel coordinators at All About Travel are un biased third party client advocates.

For example, in large tourist destinations such as Las Vegas, each hotel will distribute their 'product' (in this case the room) via as many channels as possible to have as much exposure to sell that room. There may be 30 'vendors' who sell that same room such as Delta Vacations / Southwest Vacations / Funjet Vacations etc. Each vendor will offer that room for sale at different rates based on the arrangements they have with the specific provider. Therefore you may get 10 different rates for the same room at the same hotel on the same night. The same way with airline seats and cruises and most other travel products. Our job is to filter through the various vendors -- of which we have much more free access to -- and find the one who will distribute that room (or other product) for the lowest cost. If you’re getting the same room, why pay more for it??

We're working to serve your needs and not the airlines or tour providers.

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- Does it cost additional to use the services of a travel agent?

- If you’re paid by the vendors, how can I be certain you’re not selling me the trips that make you the most money and not be the best deal for me?

- If I book a trip through you and I have a problem what happens?

- What are the steps to booking a trip with an agent?

- What if I want to be contacted with specials and offers?


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